12 thoughts on “Web Browser Based Nikon Firmware Patch Tool”

  1. Just verified the patch tool to work on my D5100 with firmware 1.01.
    Thanks for making an online tool for Mac/Linux users!

  2. You mean, when you press the “save” button it does not write the file. How do you know it does not write?

  3. I found out that the IE (Microsoft browser) version 9 was the PROBLEM!
    When I used the CHROME browser, I was able to see the button to SAVE the file OK!
    Thanks guys for your response!
    PS: I use D5100 and I’ll test it today.
    I have a question: Can I UNDO the update with the Nikon version after using this version? Have anyone removed this version on D5100 and use the latest NIKON version? (I’m asking just in case of some problems or if I don’t like the file size…. I like the ability to UNDO.)

  4. Yes, normal Nikon released firmware applies happily over-top. I have put it back on a number of times during testing, after forgetting a test combo’s that I was wanting to know for before/after testing.

  5. Simeon great work man but I want to try it on my D5100 but it seems that the web tool is not working for me as I tried to select the firmware then select the options needed mainly battery check then click save but the file saved in a glimpse and with the same exact bit size for the original firmware
    then when apply the update to the camera nothing changes…
    please help…I need this fast..:D

  6. Hi Peter, sorry for the delay in responding, it appears my web hosting company was getting DDOS all day.

    So if you “saved” a file by pressing the save button and selecting a file name, that file you saved will be the altered firmware in it.

    I’m puzzled why you expect the firmware to be a different size, and when you get the internal walls of the house painted, does your house change shape?

    Anyway, the output file needs to be named the same as the input file, to get it be used by the camera. Did you copy the output file onto the SD card before updating?

  7. Simeon
    I Did copy the file after saving it to the SD card and rename it like the original firmware D5100_0101.bin
    Then update the firmware on my D5100
    But still the battery check opens even if the camera is off when I remove the original battery and insert the other battery the screen displayed”this battery can’t be used…bla..bla”
    Finally I just expected that when you change something in a program it will not be the exact bit size as the original….I just think this error is a web based error that does not patch my uploaded firmware….if you can just patch the firmware with the battery hack and give me like for it to try it…
    Thanks Simeon

  8. Hi Peter,

    I’ll test the tool myself to check this singular patch still works for me. But no, I will not email patched files. By the way to tool I would use if I were to do email, would be the online patch tool.

    [Edit] Just tested my non-brand battery and it works just fine.

  9. Simeon, Thanks Man for the trial
    I installed the firmware but it seems it’s not working for me with this battery
    The battery I use as my backup was decoded and working without any firmware hack and was working with the latest firmware from Nikon but one time I saw the message “thus battery can’t be used please use a battery designated for use in this camera” (not the exact message)
    Any way thanks man for the trials….

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