24 thoughts on “Nikon D3100 Video Beta Testers Wanted”

  1. Thanks to Simeon and the developers for bringing this function to our Nikon cameras,
    I’m sure Nikon users future will be a bright one ;)
    Some people maybe reluctant to use these patches, but here’s a short video showing record restrictions removed on a D3100.


  2. Well, tested the new patch. Working great so far. I do want to ask without looking stupid, but when a few people have given thought on the results of the patch is it okay to give another thumbs up? Or is better to only reply if results differ from previous replies? Sorry, but had to ask.

  3. What model camera did you use? More positive results is great.

    I’m 100+% confidant the patch does what it is meant to-do, but I’m running the firmware and wrote it, so didn’t need convincing. It’s the “others” that need the confidence.

  4. Ah, okay. Well, hope I didn’t insult your intelligence. However, I am playing with my personal camera D3100. Highly doubtful I will try patches with my professional line camera, since at this moment I don’t have a back-up and insurance won’t cover. Tipping the glass to a great start, Thanks.

  5. D7000 owners, I have a patch ready that applies the same fix (to firmware 1.03), just awaiting an alpha tester to try it. Email me directly

  6. Not insulted in the slightest.

    I packed myself loading the first patch I made. There’s feeling “confident”, and seeing the change doing what you expected… So my 100% point above is about, this patch, now that I’ve seen it work. I hope I didn’t come across as arrogant.

  7. Thank you so much for your work, been waiting for this stuff to happen and reading this made an otherwise crappy day awesome.

  8. I was testing how long my camera may shoot video.
    After 22 min of recording, recording stopped itself and wrote: push shutter button. I turn off my camera, and turn on it after 1-2 min. I saw “push shutter button” again. Then I entered Live View (because outside Live View shutter speed don’t did anything) and push shutter button. All is OK.
    I think maybe it’s not truly test because before I shoot some and maybe camera a little bit heated up.
    Sorry for my English:)

  9. will we maybe see bracketing or something with your modified firmwares? opt-in for beta testing if you do.

  10. Thanks for the limitless video!

    I’m also very interested in the EV Bracketing for the d3100, are there any plans for that? Thanks!

  11. Hi,

    wow I was looking for something like that months ago. :)

    btw: Do you mind releasing an update which will allow us having all manual control (exposure, iso, etc.) over video recording? That would be soooo awesome. :)

    I’m looking forward to donate you some bucks.


  12. I would be willing to do beta/feature/stress testing of new firmwares on my 3100. lemme know

  13. Hi, after having bought my D3100 I was very disappointed to realize that several features were missing. So I’m pleased to see that there are people like you working on improving it. Do you plan working on bracketing ? I’m very interested on it too.
    Thanks !

  14. Hi, we are not currently in the active feature adding stage of this project. We are at the “understanding the code level” stage, so in the distance future we may be adding neat features.

  15. Thanks for the D3100 unlimited video upgrade!

    But what I’m really dying for to see is auto-bracketing, I hope it will be possible in the future to ‘add’ this feature.

  16. I cannot get it to install, i run it and command prompt flashes and then nothing happens…HELP!

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