Monopoly Deal

The family was given Monopoly Deal for Christmas, and it’s a fantastic game.

My first game was a six person double deck game, which was slower, and very brutal. Since then I have played many a game with Jacob (single player) and it’s fast and fun.

In fine to twenty minutes, you can compact all the fun and rage of the full 4 hour game, but it’s done, and you can move on so much quicker. It has stealing, ripping people off, double crossing, saying no (it’s a card, but it the best feeling in the game rejecting a big play, just watch out for the reverse no,back at you…).

It’s a very fun game, and while there it can have all the rage of the original it, also can be started and finished within 30 minutes.. so many hands can be played giving the “balance” missing from Monopoly.