Expectation Stress

Wow, since doing the easy work of decrypting the newer Nikon firmware, I’ve felt an immense pressure to pull another rabbit from the hat, when in reality the last reversing engineering project I worked on took years (2-5), and thus I feeling real burnt out. a) due to trying to find the next “cool” insight, and 2) wanting to be part of the action, and keep up with others are finding.  (the index scheme is an insiders joke)

To this end, I point would-be-helpers to nikonhacker.com, I’ve been contributing there, as best I can.

It’s very addictive having such large inflows of traffic to your site/blog, that I was reluctant to redirect it, but I have also felt since November a presure not to post stupid stuff like I used too, or am about to post, thus have been silent (besides the travel and working on things that are not up for chatter).

So there’s my Nikon update…. I have been having a good family holiday..

3 thoughts on “Expectation Stress”

  1. Simeon,

    I personally appreciate everything you have done in the way of hacking the Nikon Firmware.

    I would love to have higher bitrates with greater resolution, with functions not enabled or never thought possible for my Nikon D7000, I still do. However, putting that burden on one man or just a few men to provide those functions and features to a whole community of Nikon users is unfair.

    I wonder sometimes How long Vitaliy, with the panasonic hacks, will be willing to continue to be the sole provider of features and capabilities for panasonic dslr hybrid cameras that panasonic still refuses to enable themselves. With a whole community depending on Vitaliy to make their cameras better than they were ever intended to be by Panasonic, What would happen if he just decided to quit.

    I am satisfied with the quality and functions of my Ninkon D7000 as it now, the way Nikon designed it to be with the technology it had at the time of it’s creation, And I will simply wait for Nikon or another manufacturer to provide me with the features I still want and the features that I never knew I wanted in the future.

    It’s more important to enjoy the time with your family foremost and whatever tidbits you wanted to add to the Nikon hack project should be done strictly out of the fun you originally had at cracking it in the first place, not out of necessity to anyone or to any specific community.

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