Pointless Post: 20K SPAM Barrier Hit

Woot!, I just passed the 20,000 SPAM barrier

Had been awaiting this for a few weeks, but the spam rate has recently dropped, so it didn’t occurs as soon as I expected…

Talking of SPAM, I had some the other day, because you know, it’s sold here. It was disturbing that in the ingredients listed “Pork with Ham”, ummm ham is pork, so then what is the pork? Opening the can it smelt like cat food, and tasted as I’d always expected cat food to be like. I fried some up, and it was better, but I’ll never eat it again, unless there some sort of end-of-world event. Also of interest, is notice on the can picture, the thing you can’t really see below the cheese in the burger, that’s the product in the can.