Gold Box games Cheat Codes

On the Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures Forum it was asked for the ‘The Gods intervene!’ cheats for all the Gold Box based games, so I produced this list.

Pool of Radiance Forgotten Realms series:

  • Pool of Radiance cheat code is ‘start.exe STING’
  • Curse of the Azure Bonds cheat code is ‘start.exe STING Wooden’ as noted here
  • Secrets of the Silver Blade cheat code is ‘start.exe Hoop Gem’ as noted here
  • Pools of Darkness cheat code is ‘game.exe 2 2 Helm’ as noted here
  • FRUA doesn’t seem to have obvious cheat code. aka not based on PoR code

Savage Frontier Forgotten Realms series:

  • Gateway to the Savage Frontier currently needs a hacked executable (here) and then ‘game.exe Super Wooden’ press the Z button on your turn and ‘-‘ on the monsters
  • Treasure of the Savage Frontier ‘game.exe 2 2 Helm’

Dragonlance series:

  • Champions of Krynn cheat code is ‘start.exe Woof Helm’
  • Death Knights of Krynn cheat code is ‘start.exe anything Helm’
  • Dark Queen of Krynn appears the same code as FRUA so again not sure.

The two Buck Rogers game are using the PoR code base, but all the normal cheat code has been removed. And there is no obvious “Gods intervene!” in the text strings of the engine

Spelljammer: Pirates of RealmspaceĀ  is a different code base, the previous games PoR based code bases are Pascal where as this one is C/C++, I couldn’t see anything that looks like a “Gods intervene” text string ether.

9 thoughts on “Gold Box games Cheat Codes”

  1. Soon all links at Google will point here. :) Well, at least for Goldbox games cheats. Thanks again for these.

  2. Have you found out any codes for DARK QUEEN OF KRYNN?
    I just started it after beating Champions and Death Knights.
    Please help.


  3. Do I need a hacked .exe for Treasure of Savage Frontier, like I did for Gateway to Savage Frontier?

    Is “game.exe 2 2 Helm” supposed to get rid of the copy protection too? (i.e. entering the Journal information)

  4. I see you figured out that “game.exe 1 2 Helm” gets rid of copy protection and title screen, but its unplayable and strange.

    Did you ever further on this? For now I guess I will try “game.exe 2 2 Helm” and see if the Alt-X works. I just hate the stupid copy protection.

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