Pools of Darkness cheat codes

There are a few debugging/testing cheat codes for the DOS version of Pools of Darkness.

The first: adding a 1 as the first parameter skips the title screen, and copy protection.

game.exe 1

Then there are three choices of third parameter

  • Gem - Allows view of the area map in all locations
  • HALIBUT - Allows editing/modifying of experienced players
  • Helm - Allows ‘The GODS Intervene!’ - a.k.a. kills all enemy in combat, via alt-x

Thus to play the latter you would type

game.exe 1 2 Helm

What I don’t know yet is how to control what game is loaded if you use the 1 parameter, and the game ends up in a slightly unplayable mode. From reading the code it looks like it should load saved game Z. But that’s not working out for me so far.


Stu 2010-07-21 08:10:15

You are RE’ing POD now? hmm uses the last edition VGA engine iirc.. DQK, POD, TSF, BRMQ. and FRAU.. I like the VGA/Mouse engine the least :/

Simeon 2010-07-21 09:07:31

I’m disliking the Mouse engine also when testing the cheats. No I’m not fully RE’ing it, just looking at how the graphics are packed and looking for the cheat codes.

Well maybe I might RE it, but only if I making a program to do most the coding work for me, I can’t be bothered rewriting 100+K of ASM again.

I’ve been thinking about how the mouse should interact in CotAB, but I’m not sure I like how it works in PoD. Also DOSBox runs it really slow, I may need to tweak the settings to allow it to run faster.

Stu 2010-07-21 22:24:51

I would just convert gfx co-ords to granular co-ords (since everything seems to operate on the text mode font size) and apply. if mousex == row25.. etc.

make a note of where menus are drawn and store+test mouse hits on that row/col..