Curse of the Azure Bonds port working on Mac OS X

Just tried running the game under Mono on my MacBook, and it like works!

Except for

  • Saved games/player file IO does not work. I think this is due to the new Vista locations, thus I’ll need a new pick a location code, in which case I could leave Windows XP working in the old location…
  • It runs really slow in combat, ie you can see the icon redraws
  • There is no sound
  • The right click context menu do not seem to work
  • You have to lunch it from the terminal prompt

2 thoughts on “Curse of the Azure Bonds port working on Mac OS X”

  1. cool! Is that a half a tree in that combat window? I dont recall that being a valid icon…
    Will do some testing on the weekend if I can in linux, probably with mono head/trunk

  2. Like I said the redraw is slow, and that is captured from the desktop (thus not in sync with the game), when playing I can see the dragon redraw one square at a time.

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