Curse of the Azure Bonds – build 1.1.0 released

I push version 1.1.0 of project to the Google Code project today.

Changes in this version:

  • Game now installs and plays on Windows Vista (thus minor version update)
  • Saved games and other generated data is now located under “My Documents\Curse of the Azure Bonds”
  • Installer now has custom graphics, and cleans up older installers correctly
  • Added basic crash logging

The first is the most important, as previously I had just assumed it worked, and not thought much more of it. But Ken posted a comment saying it didn’t work, and well that made me feel bad. So much Virtual PC 2007 time later, it now works.

As always any issues post here in the comments, email me directly, or post on the issue list.

3 thoughts on “Curse of the Azure Bonds – build 1.1.0 released”

  1. If I get time, I need to test the current version of Mono and see if it works better than the last time I tried

  2. I just tested it on Mac OS X via mono and it mostly worked, so it would be interesting to hear how it goes on Linux

  3. Great work – it’s a lot of fun and a great resurrection of a fine old game.

    I’m playing under XP/SP3 and have only noticed two issues – the game crashes whenever the spells “Cloud Kill” or “Detect Traps” are used.

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