Curse of the Azure Bonds – build 1.0.8

I put up build 1.0.8 on Wednesday to fix a missing file from the installer, as discovered via Issue 17

Other fixes in the build are:

  • Issue 16 – Copying items between players resulted in duplication
  • Overhauled the cheats – You can now activate the original cheats via context menu, plus a few extras. Remember to press ‘-‘ to activate “god intervene”
  • Fixed a mistake, that stopped you from memorising spells when resting (more work needed in the area of spells)
  • Fixed a mistake, that said you had cast a combat spell in non-combat when you chose to cancel

Happy playing…

2 thoughts on “Curse of the Azure Bonds – build 1.0.8”

  1. I’ve found a new bug :) Starting from Saved game E, and exiting the dungeon you get to the wilderness map. Make your way to Hillsfar, then try taking a boat to Phlan. The game says you’re attacked by pirates then proceeds to crash.

  2. Well, I like your energy! Will add that to the list…

    [And later] Checked the fix for this in, thanks again. It helped unearth some sloppy mistakes

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