First Week of MacBook

Five days into being a Mac user, and on the whole I like it. Here is my running thoughts:

  • Had Dashboard crash (well Michaela did actually)
  • Had Firefox crash
  • I really like the parental controls.
  • The kids really love GarageBand
  • After days of telling Michaela you could use two fingers on the track pad to do a right click, I found Rod’s blog post, (where I read about the feature originally) only to discover that it was not on by default. That explains my lack of success.
  • Found the Super DragAndGo extension, so now I don’t need a middle click to browse with tabs.
  • Found this support note saying why I couldn’t find Boot Camp Assistance, and why I also couldn’t find how to install it. This was really driving be batty

So, now I have Boot Camp, I’ll start the Windows XP install, and then be able to decommission my current desktop PC. Yeah!

2 thoughts on “First Week of MacBook”

  1. hey, sim. just wanted to drop a note saying i finally beat that accursed pool of radiance game. check out the forgotten realms blog.

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