Practical MythTV

I’ve been reading Practical MythTV over the last few weeks, and it hasn’t helped my longing for PVR system.

Alan at work has a very nice front-end/back-end setup which I would love to duplicate, and this book certainly has been giving me idea’s about how to go about it.

My main goal is beyond classic DVR functionality (record and time-slip playback), is to be able to watch the odd MP4 style download also. Thus a $500 DVR is not the exact fit. I also want something silent in the living room, so it can run 24×7. Much like the Squeezebox but for video also.

So back to the book. Flipped through large parts, as I got the point, but still the details of how to configure the parts of the system seemed detailed enough that I’d borrow the book again to have with me as a guide. Not sure I’d buy the book however.

So really the book was to fuel the fire of desire, and it worked. Now I just need to budget it all up, and get the wife acceptance factor on my side of the debate.