Squeezebox arrives

The Squeezebox arrived Saturday morning. The boxing was very nice and stylish. It unpacked very simply. I plugged it in. Turned it on, spent five minutes configuring and it just worked. Longest configuration step was entering my over complex WPA key, but even that was straight forward.

I had read some posts on the forum saying it was a network set-up trick, shrug, it was simple (if you get networking). It had a DHCP option that worked, but I went for static configuration as I’m a control freak.

I’m not not sure what else to say, It just works! If I had a larger house I’d buy more. I still might….

Life style wise, it is one of the best purchases since buying the house. I haven’t had central music for years, and prior to the CD player dying, the stereo was at one end of the house and you had CD swapping issues. Now the sound is in the middle of the house, we have access to all our CD’s (well I have to rip them all, but I have a good starting point to begin with).

Internet radio is sweet also, I was listening to the chillout/ambient genre via shoutcast.com which was fantastic. @128kbp, I can handle ~40 hours before using up my current surplus monthly bandwidth quota.

We spent the weekend chilling out listening to music and playing hacky sack. Best money spent in ages.

Update: Just noticed a comment on Mauricio Freitas blog that Ascent have Squeezebox’s for $414.05NZD new preferred supplier found.


Conor Boyd 2007-09-03 14:13:25

You probably already have your own preferences, but Exact Audio Copy (http://exactaudiocopy.de/ - it’s an error-correcting wrapper around LAME) is a good ripper for getting archive-quality rips, followed by running MP3Gain (http://mp3gain.sourceforge.net/) over all your albums to equalize the levels.

Simeon 2007-09-03 16:01:36

Well I’ve been using EAC for a few years now, so I’ll correct you ;-p EAC is not a wrapper around LAME, yet there it can use the lame.dll version or the stand alone lame.exe to encode to MP3. I have been using it with FLAC also, which there is a good write-up on the FLAC site. There is also another tool called MusicIP that profiles your music for “like” styles. But I’ve not tried that or MP3Gain.

Chris Crowe 2007-09-03 18:29:23

checkout www.somafm.com for a good list of streaming radio stations….


Chris Crowe 2007-09-03 18:30:42

I forgot - keep away from the doomed channel or that will be you!

I am sure it would turn anyone into a depressed zomboid.

Simeon 2007-09-03 21:18:33

Cheers Chris, hmmm, yes I see that was the site you showed me via your Vista gadget. I’ll skip the Drone Zone also, but Groove Salad and Illinois Street Lounge sounds like they could be good.