FeedDemon – It’s a keeper

Well after using FeedDemon at home over the weekend, and having every thing stay in sync, all auto-magic like, I’m happy to pay for this application.

I had one odd start-up issue, where it complained about bad XML or the likes, why I never captured the error I’m not sure. I just assumed it would talk home. But every thing was fine on restart.

The other issue (and I understand why it happens) is when I add a new feed at one location, the other location only gets entries that are newer since the subscription. Where-as the original location has the current backlog (X number of items in the feed.xml), you would think that NewsGator could list the same “back catalogue”, but alias not. So I have some blogs that work has unread items, and others that home has unread. Shrug, not a deal breaker.