Retro Games Remakes/Dissections

I have gotten to the point in my Curse of the Azure Bonds remake where I now need to single step through the actual original to see what it’s virtual machine is doing.

So I went off and found DOSBox, and it has a debugger built in. It also has break point on memory IO, so I plan to tweak it to log IO for the virtual machine instruction pointer. So I’m quite excited about this. I haven’t completed re-compiling it. But I’ll post about it once I have, as the instructions I found on the DOSBox wiki where not complete.

But my point was I found on the DOSBox site reference to LBA (Little Big Adventure) and a remake LBAWin, by one of the original programmers. Quite excited about that, as I loved that game, and it will be cool to play. I tried download the game, but I was getting error’s on user registration page. So that will have to wait…

Found on the LBAWin site a link to yazOr‘s reimplementation: The Lba Project. yazOr has blogged about some very cool dissection of other games. Off his page I found a link to gawd’s museum of dissected games, which has a write up about pulling Dangerous Dave 2 graphics apart. Very cool. I’m looking forward to his Alleycat dissection, as I played that game a huge amount of our original PC.