Wanaka has a great park.

Just before we left Wanaka the other weekend, we playing the playground/park on the lakes edge, and it has the best collection of equipment. There were 4 pieces designed to spin. I played on the one Mahalia is sitting in, and due to the slope of the axis, it was really easy to get going really fast. I was very sick feeling once I got off. One of the best spinners, I didn’t have a good photo of, but it was a seat (looked like a child sized egg cup), it also had a slopped axis so you it could be pumped (in the swing sense) by rocking the upper body (oh I’m not explaining well, but the kids loved it)

Jacob is on the single person rocker, and he was throwing it around, and Mahalia is surfing on the best see-saw I ever been on. Jacob and I were on it and our weight difference was corrected by the good springs, this allowed us a great see-saw war, without me doing all the work.

They had lots of climbing bits, and I thought it must have been a really well funded play ground, as I’ve seen parts of the same equipment before, but never so much in one place.

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