Google Code Jam 3

I entered the Google Code Jam yesterday. I was pleased with my effort when after 50 minutes (of allocated 60) I had completed to two assigned problems. I was working on problem set #1 (room 7). I had a score or 502.75 point (out of 1000) and at 13 hours into the 24 hours period, I was ranked 46th for my problem set.

But my 750 point problem failed system testing, so my final score was 178.59, this put me in 266th (of 939 people, but 482= was the last place) position for the problem set. But my Google rank was 1359 which is better than my best Top Coder ranking.

Which reminds me that the night before I entered the Top Coder SRM 259, I was in division II after my poor Top Coder Open results. The three problems where easy to-do so I’m now back in division I (but only by 2 points), so I need to pull finger and do better in the next SRM. I got top score in the room I was in (#16) and I placed 11th (out of 273) for the division. So even though it was 11pm when I started and 1:30am when I went to bed, I was feeling good.