SQL Reporting Services 2005

I went to a .Net User Group meeting last night. It was hosted at SunGard and Adam Cogan was the presenter. He gave a good talk about the features of SQL Reporting Services 2005, with a few side stories while the designer was busy “designing”. The Design tools were very slow at times, but he was running a beta version under virtual PC, so there is room for forgiveness. That mixed with I not sure how much work was been done behind the scenes.

But really what impressed me was how simple it was to click and drop it all together. I really like the Client report building, that feature would come in handy here at work.

All’n’all I really useful piece of software. For new development Business Objects must be packing them selves.

One of the good titbits was Adam explaining how he deploys database applications, and how he thinks it’s the application responsibility to set-up the server correctly. He showed how they laid the files out, and how the application did the checking and loading of .sql and .rpt files.

But the highlight of the evening was wining a free MSDN Polo Shirt.

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  1. And I get told that *I* have the geek blog ;) Good reading actually – and I’m keen to give this topcoder thing a go.

  2. Hey Simeon, I drop by from time to time too. I wish I’d made this meeting – Reporting Services is something I’m due to learn more about. Keep up the tech posts.

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