Hello World

Welcome to Hexo! This is your very first post.

Well first post it is not, but sure first Hexo post. Well my old Wordpress blog was getting rather old. And I made a couple of mistakes in updating the server, which meant I’ve not been able to post for over a year.

Not that I have posted anything in 2016, but things have moved on in many dimensions, and at time I’d like to be able to document stuff (for myself) again.

Given my host cannot “upgrade php on the server” a wtf in of itself, to a version that support the current wordpress I need to get off it. So I almost randomly choose Hexo. And have bene altering the defaults somewhat, imported the old blog (and comment) and done a lot of editing to the formatting (with heaps more to go).

So now this needs some testing to see how it all goes live in production..

Anyways there is not comments - email me at simeon.pilgrim@gmail.com and I mainly add your comment if it’s make sense..