General Update.

I’ve been quite busy the last few weeks.

I’ve been searching for a new job (last day tomorrow) as my contract is not been renewed, and the company is restructuring to reduce costs. Been a great adventure, I’ve learnt a lot, and worked with a group of great people.

This is also the last week of our tenancy in our current house. Michaela has been spare heading the effort to find a new house to rent, on the south side of Christchurch. A mission in it’s self. But we have just sorted out a sort term lease, so we will not be crashing on her (or my) parents.

I’ve been playing underwater hockey twice a week. Broke my glove, then broke my stick on Thursday while trialling a new glove, so more $$ to spend on hockey.

In the gaps I’ve been studying for some Microsoft exams, as I want make some progress on my career. Been learning lots of interesting tit-bits, and finding the how-to sections of MSDN really helpful.

So lots happening, and just not the time to sit down and make note of it. That am I’m not sure the worthiness of each of these in part.

I notice Frank Arrigo has automated the Oz DNUG OPML list, and included the NZ DNUG OPML, so hello to anybody that’s subscribed, and seen nothing new.

I’ve read/watch/listened to some good posts recently that include :