Spamblog tools in the making.

Reading the C# jobs on Rent-a-coder I came across this job which is a spam blog tool in the making. The thing I don’t get is why you need to have a C# program to-do it. And why you’d claim to offer up to $1000US for the task. A simple batch file with some SED come to mind as the complete requirements.

The only reason for an app that “looks very nice with a nice color GUI” is to re-sale to would be spam blogger in the making. As long as your mottos not “don’t do evil” it seems a simple ploy to profit off what is not profitable (or shouldn’t be). Almost like diet plans and exercise videos. Selling a dream, and skimming the cream.

All in all quite a sad state to affairs.

On a plus note though, 30 entries into the list I haven’t come across any university assignments yet.