Changed Readers again.

This afternoon, I was emptying deleted entries/feeds in Sauce Reader, and my complete subscription list disappeared. I’m sure all I did was empty rubbish bin. Ether way it’s now gone.

Having just read that there is a new RSS Bandit release, I decided it was time to change back. Killer feature: synchronisation with Newsgator Online. I’ve never used this site, but if it’s half as good as I’m expecting it to be, I’ll be a happy man. (ie Reading my feeds on the weekend at home, and having my work reader also be synced.)

So after 70 minutes of trawling every page I’ve every linked too and finding most of the feeds, I’m back in business.

I’ve even found a petty bug in RSSBandit and reported it already. I might even try to fix, just because I can.