VS2005 Validation as Errors

Rick Strahl is complaining the HTML is auto validating in VS2005, and Scott Guthrie reply with how to turn it off. Reading these posts I thought it might be like the problem I was having with QuickBasic files been parsed and generating errors as noted here.

So I ran off to find some QuickBasic files and loaded them up while have my current work as my project. 18 Error’s found in the non-project file. I had thought in RC1 that my project would not run because of the errors, but in RTM my project runs happy.

Back to the options Scott shows for HTML, but there is not option in the Basic section to turn the parser off.

I’m not sure what justification there is for parsing a (non-project) file at Build time, just because it’s open in the IDE. Also it is odd to assume a files type by it extension, but that’s water under the bridge I guess.