Argg: MSN Spaces Stats…

After the loveliness of Google Analytics, MSN Spaces Stats are just plain ugly.

Today I used a new RSS Reader, 50+ “Page Views” because it got all my current posts. Any time somebody subscribes count gets nailed. Yet they are effectively the same person. So RSS and Web view should be separated.

The title of the pages that are view get truncated to “Simeon’s Bits: Simeon Pi…” or “Simeon’s Bits: System.Dr…” so you don’t know what’s really getting viewed.

There are <Strong> codes in the titles that waste space, yet I don’t remember putting them there, and when you view the post code, it’s only the body you see, so you don’t know if the title has strong or bold set. eg RSS: <strong>Sauce</stro...

So there is heaps of room for improvement. It’s better than the original daily totals I was getting out of Goggle AdSense, but Analytics is just lovely. If only I could get access to the headers.

So been the good netizen I am… I posted this as feedback, and at the end got the error message “Sorry, the page you requested is not available.”