Nikon Patch: Added FAQ and tried to make patch tool better

Just changed the layout a touch of the web tool trying to emphasize you don’t have to pay for the patch tool. To help with this added a Big ugly link to the Help and a FAQ.

So if you have Patching related questions, feel free to ask them here or on the FAQ page.

If there are any web designers that want to make the patch tool less ugly, or simpler etc, I’m very open to less ugly. Also open to better work flow etc.

14 thoughts on “Nikon Patch: Added FAQ and tried to make patch tool better”

  1. Hello Simeon,

    I just read that you look for help with the design of the patch site.

    I can give it a try to make it a bit nicer for you, to see if you like.

    Can you send me the files from the site to my email adres?



  2. Hi Gilbert,

    There are no magic backend files that are all static html pages and such, and right-click save page as would capture everything you need. Also even if it was a dynamic backend code, I’m looking for a UI overhaul, so re-written front end HTML/css is all I’m wanting of someone.

  3. Ok, then i will first make a html page and when you like it i will make a UI overhaul, so you can update it later then and give the changes thrue you and the visitors would like.

  4. Is it also an idea to place an link to an firmware list where the origional unpatched firmware can be found?

    Because i just have the D5100_0102.bin firmware file, and that one you cant update with this page, and i also think it is handy that people who did something wrong, or want to set the firmware back, can find the origional firmware here back again.

  5. Hi Gilbert,

    The Help file already has a link to the Nikon firmware site, but I’ll add one to the FAQ as well.

  6. Good work, sounds promising!
    I have Silverlight for MAC OSX installed but any time I click on

    I end up on a side: PATCHING HOW TO HELP OR FAQ and never ever on a side you give the example ho it has to look like.
    I have firmware 1.02 on my D7000 and it sounds like I should downgrade to 1.01 to avoid the beta version, correct?


  7. It’s only beta in so far as it’s not had hours in the field, verse there really is anything new about it.

  8. That is the site, but the Silverlight is not drawing it’s self until you resize the screen. I don’t know why???

  9. I can resize the screen to any size and still do not get anywhere else.
    It always shows me only the download button for Silverlight what I already have installed.


  10. Probely you need to empty your cach, i think you have that problem to with adobe flash player at some sites. But i will do my best to make the website as pure html as possible so that kind of problems dont appear anymore.

  11. Yes i know, but that kind of problems occures to with adobe flash. Ik know that on THIS site there are no adobe products involved. The problem is that browsers are not all equal to each other, IE can do very difficult, for example, with some html 5 stufs, while in Iron or Chrome you dont have that problem. Personaly i use Iron browser because there i have not so many problems with. But for programming you need to make it universal for every browser. In the origional source of the site i dont find any modivications for the diffrent browsers. And there is a iframe in the source, so there a browser or anti virus can do difficult about.

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