Bitcoin Pain

With the Bitcoin network chain problem requiring a full re-download of the chain, this meant that my 150GB network limit was used up in 24 days, because of 85GB of upstream Bitcoin traffic.┬áSo for now I’ve stopped my client.

As I opted for reduced network speed verse overage fees, the family is making do with 64bps, which is dial-up internet really. Strangely enough mobile devices are less effected due to light weight apps, but computer based web surfing is almost out of the question.

2 thoughts on “Bitcoin Pain”

  1. I have been through this many times, one thing that greatly helps is going into your browsers options and disabling optional things, such as in Firefox images and javascript for a start. Even turning just images off helps a ton.

  2. Cheers for the tips.

    My ISP just rang and asked if I’d like to upgrade to 500GB a month for only $20 more a month. It’s temping to get back to normal, but nice to have a forced internet ‘pause’…

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