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Yesterday after a couple of suggestions, I added a PayPal donate button, I thought I’d done it correctly, but it appears it didn’t work.

I also said I would be happy to accept money in order to pay for a legit version of IDA Pro. I’ll return the one donation I did get.

I then proceeded to have many emails with Vitaliy about how the work could be done with the free version. While his methods will technically work, I’m just not sure I want to publicly endorse them.

So to avoid offending ‘the scene’ with personal greed, I’m pulling my hat from the race. I’ll just be the guy that solved the encryption and stick with that.

Interested in more, come join the us at Nikon Hacker, or use the Online Patch Tool (Help)

18 thoughts on “Donate Button Removed”

  1. Dear Simeon,
    I really meant a donation as a “hats off” rather than an advance salary for future work :-), but I do understand and respect your decision.
    No matter if it goes through money or not, I wanted to publicly thank you for your work and sincerely hope it will lead to future hacks of Nikon DSLRs (I secretely hope to get the button at the center of the multidirectional pad of the D7000 do a “100% zoom” like on D300s and other pro models).
    So I’m grateful for anything that brings us closer to opening things up.
    Kind regards and thanks again,

  2. Thanks for the support.

    I’m not against free money ;-) I thought PayPal would be easy and it would just work, I can’t even find how to setup a donate button when I login to the site now, it’s really odd. Then mixed with ‘concern’ over my motives just made it more ‘not fun’ than I was looking for.

  3. I think it is a real shame as well. I would have been happy to donate a little as a thank you for your excellent work.

    I fear the Nikon firmware development will stop here, since people with the expertise and will to take this any further, are very few and far between indeed.

    Thank you for your efforts!

  4. Vitaliy isn’t the arbiter of internet integrity. [Edited: Simeon]. The guy is technically smart, but he’s nuts on a lot of things.

  5. If you want X amount of cash to continue, just say it. start up a kick starter project. Post on Nikon boards saying you need x,y, or z. Don’t let Vitaliy take control of the argument. And don’t be afraid to say what you want and why.

  6. Im thinking of buying the Nikon D5100 and have not seen images or information of what the hack is capable of like what has been posted for the GH2 Hack.
    I would love to be able to do the same to the D5100 but can someone post a link to what it can do?

  7. There is no ‘Hack’, what has been done was remove the encryption from firmware file, thus allowing ‘others’ to maybe alter the software.

  8. Kick Start would have been a better way to go about from a ‘cash for X’ if that is where I wanted to go.

    Vitaliy is not the problem here. He’s just trying to offer solutions to problems that I no long wish to solve.

  9. I’ve edited this post, and blocked another regarding your opinion about Vitaliy’s opinions. I’m not really interested in a he-said she-said. I’m know I said things others disagree with. We don’t all agree on everything.

    Vitaliy and I have exchanged enough emails that we are at understanding with each other, and he was just trying to help.

  10. Hi,
    I haven’t understood which is the problem, but I think you started this project to pursue your passion so why are you leaving now?

    The best regards

  11. Having and enjoying a small canon compact with CHDK along with my nikon d5100, I am asking you to reconsider, it will be so much fun to play with the firmware of a big nikon SLR.
    Anyway thank you

  12. I agree with previous postings, it would be a shame for you to drop your efforts based on whatever internet minutia may be lingering. Perhaps there is another way for us to assist?

  13. Seriously, GUYS, stop talking about money for god’s sake ! Some people do stuff for plain fun, curiosity and challenge.

    Simeon, got a taste of cease & desist from nikon’s law guys ?

  14. No C&D.

    I just a) don’t want to setup expectations/feel I owed anybody anything, b) realized the enormity of the task at hand. c) That it would take a team effort, thus it’s wasn’t right for me to ask for money. d) what I was interested in was not in the space as all the video people.

  15. Dear Simeon,
    as I’ve read the comments on you, leaving the code for others to go from there, I’d like to thank you for your great effort. You’re truly a brilliant man.
    I have waited so long for somebody to crack the code and here you go. So now let’s hope somebody else will tweak the hell out of it, I’ll be happy to make any donation he likes.)
    For now however, thank you very much again,
    with great respect,
    Martin S.

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