Movies: New Personal Best

The new PB for movie watching on a plane, six movies, and the last one finished 1 minute before landing. That’s good timing, even if I do pat myself on the back. The flip-side is that I’ve not slept in the last 24 hours, and I have another 7 hours till I land back in P-Town.

So the movies where:

  • Just call me nobody – A great Kung-Fu movie with great star-wars references
  • Thor – A very cheesy cartoon remake
  • Bridesmaids – Yes I finish it this time. It was quite good in the end, not exactly what I’d expected
  • Pirate of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – A slightly better PotC plot as compared to the earlier in the series, unfortunatily there were many gaps left open for yet-another-sequel….
  • The Switch – ok movie if not a little predictable at times
  • Arthur – very much what you might expect from the cover, blurb

So I’m starting to get a real fancy for Kung-Fu movies when flying. They are so cheesy and simple plotted, but action fun packed. Kind of like the old Arnie movies but with swords instead of bullets. Also of note was the sillest of the movies Artur was the only one I cried in, and I put that all down to mental fatigue after 12 hours of movies and not at all that the completely hapless lead character finally started to get a small grip on reality.