WinCE Remote Debugging: “No process is on the other end of the pipe.”

I have a new WinCE platform to port our project onto, and was getting “No process is on the other end of the pipe” when I would try remote debug the app, after successfully deploying via WinCE development without Active Sync on Win 7 as previously mentioned.

The application would also silently refuse to run when launched from WinCE explorer or the command shell.

I created a new default application, and it remote deployed and ran. So I knew there was something special with my application.

I tweaked lots of things that had zero impact, but in the end adding Wininet.lib and calling InternetOpen caused my test app to also not run. If I included the library as a depenacy but didn’t call InternetOpen the application runs fine, if I call InternetOpen it fails.

I suspect Wininet.dll is not present of the development WinCE 6 OS I have, and therefore the failure to load the .dll is pulling the executable down.

Email sent off to OS team, so I’m back onto a different project…

[Update: A few hours later…] Yip, wininet.dll has been removed.