WinCE development without Active Sync on Win 7

At the start of the year I was given a device to do trial Windows CE development against. I was also given a zip file with the SDK and some instructions.

Step 1: Install Active Sync 4.5 on your Windows XP machine (this will not work on Vista or Win 7)

So my Win 7 lappy is shafted. Luckily some work colleagues had been doing WinCE development ‘differently’ on an earlier product, and they mentioned using ‘CMaccept.exe’.

Search for ‘CMaccept.exe’ leads you to the advice you want: How to: Connect to Windows CE Device Without ActiveSync

Luckily for me my device has working Ethernet, so this worked nicely.

I mention this because today another engineer asked me how I got Active Sync working on the device, as he’s having problems under XP, thus I suggested the above method.