Satellite Worker

I came into work today and everything seemed fine, but then I couldn’t log into the email server, or the issue list, or see the code repository.

All my co workers are fine, but I’m not, everybody else uses local company servers, and I use server from another company in another country. I can VPN ‘home’ and can surf the Internet, but not talk to my infrastructure.

Turns out there was a fire in the NZ office, and weirdly enough it’s still the middle of the night in NZ. Now the neat part is, if things are not good enough for those workers to work on their new day, they will be sent home, where-as, I’m here in a perfectly good office, cut off from my normal work tools. So do I go home, or just tidy my desk, or just edit lots of code, and have to manage the multiple check-ins later. Sigh