The Smurfs Village

I had been playing The Smurfs Village iPod game for a few weeks, mainly to compete with Jacob, but he had a head start, and the game is pretty linear, so catching him turned out not to be an option.

To being with it felt like a good Warcraft type game, but the interesting parts faded pretty quickly and then it was just a grind, with not much new things on the horizon.

I was planning to do some geeky breakdown of different crops, but I’ve stopped playing the game. My favourite crop was Brussels Sprouts, as it paid out x5 the gold (most only pay x4) and 50xp for two hours “work”. The two hours was a good time period for work, as I could check back in 2-4 hours and still not have the crop withering.

Only problem there is not enough to do with gold, vs. Smurf berries, which to have to be brought with really money if you want to do much beyond the basics.