Willow Hill Rocketry Group – 27th Mar

Today was the first launch day for the Willow Hill Rocketry Group since October’s launch.

It was a cold day, with much standing besides the bigger cars to avoid the wind.

Jacob and I had our maiden launches of our rockets, and we where the second and third lunches of the day.

We both had A8-3 motors. Jacob’s Wizard got some good height, but my Patriot was too heavy for that size motor. I did get closest landing to the orange create (in background) and thus win a prize.

There were 25 launches today, one miss-start, and one in-air engine failure (fire out both ends of rocket).

I fired my Patriot Rocket two more times, with B6-4 motor’s and the flights were better the the A8-3 flight that barely went 10 meters into the air.

The rocket on the far right was the one that had the engine failure mid air.

Not many pictures due to camera failure, will post video, if I find any non-damaged ones.