Erlang and OTP in Action – Delayed Again…

In August, I was feeling spontaneous due to my new found love of purchasing stuff from Amazon and pre-ordered “Erlang and OTP in Action” with an eagerly awaited the September 1, 2010 shipping date. I was even hoping it might arrive before my trip to New Zealand, thus I could read this book in my spare time. Oh happy times.

Then a blow to my excitement, the release date slipped, now I was expecting a October 12 – October 18 delivery time. Ok, that’s fine, I’m still excited…

Today another blow, release date slipped again, now I get to wait till November 08 – November 15 for delivery, really not sure I care any more.

The value of spontaneous purchases should be realised before the guilt’s kick in. Evil pre-orders.

And the problem plaguing my mind is, most of the purchase was done with a voucher, that I’m not sure I have any more because I brought something…, so if I cancel my order do I lose my voucher money? How does that get refunded?

p.s. Wow, this book seems to be all over the file sharing networks.

updated 1 Nov: Delayed again, Estimated arrival date: December 09 2010 – December 15 2010, sigh!

update 22 Nov: It has been shipped, should get by 30th November!

update 30 Nov: It arrived today! Front cover is bent :( but the book has been an enjoyable read so far :)

4 thoughts on “Erlang and OTP in Action – Delayed Again…”

  1. I had assumed it was for quality reasons, and I’ll be honest I’d prefer a better edited book, over a rushed one. I’m still very keen for the book, that’s why I was disappoint to have to wait longer. I appreciate your taking the time to comment.

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