New old books

The Christchurch City Library had their annual book sale on a few weekends ago.  I popped along, as it was held at the same venue I swim at each day.

The book sale is a two day event, and I actually went three times, first before my swim at 1pm, then again one hour later at 2pm and the last time on the Saturday at 1pm with my family.

The first visit was crowed, and the hall was full of trestles covered in books, one hour later half the books were gone, and the next day half again were gone. It was quite amazing, and also incredibly dirty feeling running your hand over the books to read the titles, while everybody else was doing the same thing.

poplAnyway, I picked up two books Programming C# 4th Ed by Jesse Liberty, because it was $2 and it never hurts to have a good reference book.  The other was Principles of Programming Languages 3rd Ed by Bruce J. Macleannan, as I really have been enjoying language/compiler books recently. Principles is a really good history of and why to it is that way type of book. A great read.

2 thoughts on “New old books”

  1. Jesse writes a great C# book, I have two editions, (3rd,4th), I dont have principals but several like (program language pragmatics by michael scott is really good)…

    recovered from the house break in?

  2. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews for the Jesse book, so picked it straight up.
    Program language pragmatics sounds good… I’m really into the AI, Lisp, Compiler type books right now…

    Yeah, once we got the Wii replaced, and purchased Mario Kart (and had an alarm installed) we were over it.

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