Product Naming *groan*

Oh my god, the people further up the ladder have after a year and a half decided what our new database/reporting tools will be named.

The tools came from another company (X) that is now owned by our parent (Y) so they were called:

X 2DB, X DB Configurator, X DB Editor, X DB Reports

because they loaded data into the DB, configured the normalised data, edited the loaded data, and reported on the data.

When one and a half years ago we merged with these tools, both parties rebranded them:

Y 2DB, Y DB Configurator, Y DB Editor, Y DB Reports

But now we have a directive from on high to call them:

Y 2DB, Y Configurator, Y Editor, Y Reports

They didn’t rename the data loader, either because Y 2 is too stupid, or more likely they didn’t know what a “2DB” was, so left it alone. The next problem is we have had another Configuration program in the pipeline for the last year, to configure machines, which we were going to call Y Machine Configurator. Will they also want to remove the Machine from that name, as it also adds to much descriptive value?

*arggg* it drives me batty the crap that others do in the name of “adding value”