Curse of the Azure Bonds - build 1.0.5

Build 1.0.5 was put up on Goggle Code yesterday.

Changes were:

  • Loading saved games with Druids / Ranger / Paladins / Magic-Users / Clerics was not translation complete, and would therefore crash
  • Saving newly created characters incorrectly ask if you wanted to overwrite the file
  • The display of a characters AC was +/- flipped
  • The save game from the training menu did not work
  • The item name list was missing a blank string, thus causes items part way through to display with a off by one name.
  • Fixed the calculation of AC bonus from Dexterity
  • Fixed how losing combat was treated, so you now don’t get shown the EXP rewarded screen
  • Scrolling through the party list was broken
  • Fixed small typo in the code-wheel (even though it turned off in the game)
  • Fixed the display names on spells. There was many blank strings missing
  • Fixed spell memorizing screen
  • Fixed some menu that would not accept input like Exit
  • Fixed the treasure found code to handle not being in combat (SSI bug)

Most of these changes were from Paul, or playing with his save game. I have started on some of the combat UI problems that have been bugging me.

So as always, posts your comment/issues here or on the GoogleCode site.



paul 2008-04-18 16:47:29

First thing you notice (maybe not the first) when you get in the fight with Mogion using my saved game is that “bad guy placement” is bad in that it puts some bad guys behind walls. (Look for a cleric of moander stuck in an adjacent room, and compare that with the DOS version).

The guys in the party are getting affected by hold person way way way too easily (compare this with the DOS version). My party is pretty buff, and I can break out the old AD&D books and tell you what their saving throws are supposed to be if that’d help. How are you doing random number generation? I’ve played it several times, and on the last try the saving throws seem normal. (?)

The shambling mounds should be taking half damage from weapon attacks (they’re not, except during the first round? Zorlord does about 24 pts on an attack normally, but it looks like half during the first round of melee only – which is the correct behavior).

“Line of sight” is not working properly (this might be related to the first problem) in that my cleric with a staff-sling can target and hit opponents through walls. In some ways this is a feature :)

The ‘fix’ command while encamped does … nothing.

Attacks per round doesn’t look quite right for the player characters. In the first round of combat, the high level fighters should be getting one attack, not two. (They get 3/2 attacks/rounds)

When my mage cast cone of cold, it froze the game (but it does not crash and exit). Slow causes the game to crash and exit. Fireball does nothing. Charm monster appears to work. Curse does nothing. Stinking cloud works, including drawing correct graphics. I know what to change my spells to for the moment :)

Attacks of opportunity: when an opponent flees through a threatened square, any threatening characters are supposed to get a free attack on the character fleeing through. You can run through at will right now :) This would be a feature in one of the other saved games I’m working on.

On the first level of the pit of moander (game is saved on the second) there is an area of the room where when the party enters it, a “cutscene” appears where Alias says that Dragonbait has detected an exit … he smells fresh air. The first 3 times I played the game, this never triggered, but this last play-through? It worked.

Try as I might, the giant slugs never seem to spit acid. It’s in the DOS version.

The exit from the dungeon on the first level of the pit takes you back to the stairs.

I have prepared two more saved games for your enjoyment; the games load, show correct graphics, and then crash as soon as one step is taken.

Simeon 2008-04-18 17:30:31

Thank you for this report.