House Update – Wall Studs replaced

Over the two weekends of the Christmas break, Harvey and I worked on the house.  Doing one side of the bay window each weekend

We replaced twice:

  • the double 4″x 2″ corner stud
  • the 4″x2″ middle stud
  • the 4″x3″ window stud, which holds the lintel
    Wall studs replaced
  • replaced the 2″x 2″ and 2″x 5″ corner plates (not sure correct term)
  • replaced the weatherboards
    Wall cladding replaced

Tasks left:

  • weatherboard the bay window
  • lay floor in the room
  • plus small tasks

We are estimating three more days, then we will be done! Oh my god, I’m getting so sick of the time sink of this project, but we’re on the back straight, and we’ve come so far.

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