Curse of the Azure Bonds update

Last development update was in May ‘07, so I will quickly describe progress that has been made since then:

  • I have renamed lots of methods, global data structures, and generally worked stuff out
  • Got the combat graphics working
  • Fixed the crash when the “screen” is updated by the game engine while Windows is drawing it
  • Re-fix the 3D view (works perfectly now)
  • Damage in Combat
  • Keyboard input now correctly delays the game, when that is wanted
  • Worked out what code was responsible for sounds and named them, but still no sound
  • Items can now be purchased from shops
  • Added a cache to try remove the disk thrashing that happens due to how graphics were drawn/handled
  • Resting now works, spell assisted resting not tested
  • Improved Auto (quick) combat for my test party
  • Pooling of money now works after combat, and I assume in shops
  • Improvements to character generation, not tested all classes/race combo’s yet

The game is starting to be playable, the other night I started a new group, fought in the bar, sleep in the inn, visited the sage, attacked the king, fought the king’s guards.

Issues currently in active progress:

  • combat not giving any exp, I know kind of a big one!
  • combat starting positions of the party is the same square