Super Paper Mario

Shannon, the great game pimp, has leant me Super Paper Mario. Once I got past the talk-a-thon at the start, the game has been great fun.  I love the 2D/3D of the game, swapping state all the time to look for more treasure.

This beta version of an underground area from Chapter 3-1 is a flashback reference to a prior Mario game (specifically, World 1-2 of Super Mario Bros.) and is shown in 2-D and 3-D

I’m also really pleased that the game has four save slots, not three, like all previous games. This will allow Michaela to play also.

So now I’m in the middle of playing two games (Super Paper Mario, and Need For Speed: Carbon) while having Zelda – Wind Waker queued up also.

Too much fun, not enough time…..

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