It’s Movember

We are now in Movember, so all red blooded New Zealand males should be growing a Mo. Conor and a few lads from work are in a team CTCT Bandidos. Hmmm, I’m still undecided, it’s a good cause. Anyway here’s Conor’s blurb:

During Movember (the month formerly known as November) I’ll be growin a Mo. Why… Every year in New Zealand 2,656 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 600 die of the disease, making prostate cancer the second largest cause of male cancer deaths, after lung cancer. The average life expectancy of a man in New Zealand is 4 years less than a woman.
To sponsor my Mo please go to, enter my registration number which is 135894 and your credit card details. Or you can sponsor me by cheque made payable to the “Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand” clearly marking the donation as being for my Registration Number: 135894. Please mail cheques to: Movember, PO Box 87 150, Meadowbank 1742, Auckland. All donations over $5 are tax deductible. All donations are made directly to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of New Zealand who will use the funds to create awareness, increase support networks for those men who suffer from prostate cancer, fund research and scholarship programs.
Thanks for your support, Conor
More info is available at

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