Home Building update

Following on from the Labour Day Laboring post,

Harvey and I have:

  • Pulled all the skirting board off
  • Found that the bottom of the wall framing (sits on joists) was rotten on the south and west (box window) wall
  • pulled of the weather board on the box window to find it was mostly rotten also
  • replaced all damaged wall base beams on west wall
    West wall base beams
  • replaced the framing of the box window
    Box Window framing replaced
  • put the floor joist that ran along west wall in place, thus the reason for fixing the above west wall while access was there
  • removed all weatherboards on the west wall
  • replaced one west wall stud that was damaged
  • called in a builder to replace the structural corner studs that are damaged/rotten

Would be interested to know if there is a name for the bottom of wall framing board, and the name of the board that sits on the foundation.