LEGO Technic’s

Jacob want to build my Lego Technic crane (well he has wanted to for ages) in the weekend, so we built it together. I brought it to work today to show it off to Conor who has the 8448 Super Street Sensation car.

Just for the share fun of it I went to the Lego web site and they have a new crane.

So I went search for pictures of my crane to post, and found this fantastic Technics web site

So my 8460 model looks like

Lego Technic 8460

Whereas the new model 8421 looks like this

Lego Technic 8421

It’s so shinny. So Phat!

The other vehicle that I got at the same time was the 8443 Log Loader

Lego Technic 8443

Another vehicle I’d love to get is the 8459, or some of the fantastic custom models from Lego Construction Site.



Sarah @ ST 2011-04-15 05:57:11

8421 loooks so good, damn they improved it