Link Dump

Now that I’ve been using FeedDemon for a while, I built up a collection of flagged but abandon posts. So I’ve decided to dump them, add what I can remember about why it was flag worthy, and then clear my flagged list. So I can dump it again later.. So in order of Feeds I pay the most attention to

  • Frank Arrigo
    Very Cool Windows Live Writer Plugin : Insert Website Image - a post about a great sounding plugin, to capture webpages, for display in blog posts. Not yet installed but I plan on it.
    MIX University - A bunch of links for Windows developed video’s, demo’s and lab’s. Mostly interested in the Windows Presentation Foundation, and WPF/E parts.
  • Neil Roodyn
    The 8/12 Gut Buster - an exercise method that sounds very similar to a running training method taught at high school, sprint one lamppost, jog two.
    The Value Of My Knowledge Is Knowing Where to Hit It - This post real hit home with me. I really like the story. I’m a story kind of guy, but more over I liked the reinforcement of the collecting information/titbits as a valued work style. I love listening to others problems, just to hear what they are doing, what they have tried, why that didn’t work, what they are going to try next.
  • Seth Godin
    Apologies, ranked - A great piece on customer relations.
    “Sorry” - Another great post on empowering others to feel better.
  • Jeff Atwood
    Boyd’s Law of Iteration - Another great story, I’m such a sucker for a nice metaphor
    Stylesheets for Print and Handheld - Some great titbits on styling your website for non-standard display/mediums.
  • Jessica Hagy
    Juvenile. - A jolly funniest blog, and this was on top form. Sometimes you realized your not the sharpest tool when it takes 5 seconds to get the seconds meaning to a joke (like this one did), but I did get to laugh twice, and now a third time at my slowness.
  • Steve Yegge
    Math For Programmers - I liked this as it’s encouraging to keep learning. Also I’ve done some extension my maths understanding since school. There is really so much beauty is maths, is just get access to it.
    Moore’s Law is Crap - A great post about stretching your self, doing the hard things, because that’s how you get better.
  • Alex Henderson
    WiX shortcuts… - Another little nugget. I have plan to upgrade our installer at work to use WiX over InstallShield. Yes I only just got it all working in InstallShield, but it’s voodoo, and also a classic setup.exe installer, thus will not work on Vista machines if I understand correctly.
  • Mark Carroll
    Kiwibank - Using .NET 3.0 to quietly get on with it - A good story with a white paper I plan to read at some point.
  • Wes Dyer
    About Queries - Another rainy day author like Steve Yegge. But this post is a great summary page to some of his other post.
    How Linq to Objects Queries Work - A great post about delayed evaluation. It really helped get my head around functional programming type features.

There have been many others that should be on the list, but I lost focus on the point of flagging things. Hopefully this will act as a better store for interesting things. Almost like the large collection of bookmarks that I have that you just come across, and will look into when time presents itself….