“Reverse engineer a quotient of logic”

In a previous life I think I was some big wig marketing person, and being as it was a previous life, I most likely was a man. Unless of course I was a high flying female executive, struck down in her prime (in the 70’s) most likely by some over aggressive male employee, feeling repressed by this high flying female. Now having established some probable scenarios for my prior life, I feel more attracted to the female plot, as it has more excitement. Not that I’m saying I spend all my days wondering what been a woman would be like. But then again I’m not saying I’m disconnected form the feminine side, as I can feel a reproachful look from my older sisters already. But now I’m wondering what this male that cut my blazing career short is doing now. I could even twist the story a little a say the man was also the victim, and in realty my life partner, and I actually died in child birth. You know I had a career, and a man, but the one thing I really needed was to fulfill my primal capacity to create life, and it was this act that I sacrificed it all. Yea, and the child lived. Now with all this great back ground I feel the need to leave work, and begin the epic quest to find my lost child.

I seem to have got a little side track from my original purpose which was to post a quote from myself that I babbled the other day, that now in reflection of my past life seems small and pitiful. I was going to justify it with my past life, or some need to be heard as youngest of six, as I learnt a little embellishment never hurt (much). So without many a more word my quote (which is also now the title).

“Reverse engineer a quotient of logic” This was in regards to some code, that surly had some part of logic hiding in all it’s glory, but was not readily identifiable by the current collection of engineers reading it.