The Rules of Torrent Club

Well I want to make some funny spoof of the fight club rules, but could make it work. That was my intention. So instead I just explain it verbose rambling blog style.

We taped High School Musical for the kids off the TV a few months ago but missed the first 15 minutes. So in my infinite desire to impress my wife with the value of high speed Internet, I downloaded a copy of the movie of the Internet. Yes it is piracy, and to prove my wife correct that I shouldn’t be doing it. Here is a list of my mistakes.

First mistake, choosing the first torrent I found with the name “High School Musical”

Second mistake, not watching the video after some of it was down.

Third mistake, after having the upload capped at 10KBps overnight to stop the waste of paid for bandwidth. Leaving it on uncapped the next night while going to underwater hockey and telling my wife to turn it off when it was finished, in ~15 minutes.

So when I get back ~2 hours later, I check the computer, and there is it uploading at 200KBps. In the time I have gone I had got the last 100MB of the 1.3GB movie, and uploaded 1.3GB after having already uploaded 700MB. So now with 66% of my monthly data cap gone on a stupid kids movie. I though, well lets check it out.

Well it was High School Musical, but in Spanish, with Spanish subtitles, because the voice was overdubbed (well done of course) but not in sync with the lips. At this point my wife is laughing her ass off, after been sorry that she didn’t take my “turn it off” seriously.

So it’s around this point that I go searching and find different sites that tell you all the details of the torrent (time, size, language, subtitles), but I have no bandwidth left to get the movie. Grrr

Luckily Michaela has reserved it already from the library, only problem is we are about 30th on the list, and at 1 week borrowing, I don’t think we’ll get it any time soon.

So looking at what should have been a 2GB download on the Telstra high speed internet pricing page, it would cost 4*500MB block @ $2.95 each to get a movie. That equals ~$12, so it’s cheaper, legal, and faster just to hire the DVD. Yes I could move to the 10GB plan and get 2.5 movies for $10 extra, but I’m not sure I could think of two movies a month that I want to watch, let alone watch on the computer screen. So that plan is not going to get the wife acceptance factor anytime soon.