Underwater Hockey National Interclubs

Last Friday and Saturday was the New Zealand Interclubs, and we where hosting the event down at QEII. The primary result we can fifth equal in the A grade, out of seven teams. Two team completely beat us PX Just Right and SP8’s the next two teams beat us but the games where very close and the score difference come in lucky breaks. Many time we where in the oppositions goal, and just couldn’t complete the transaction. The last two team we beat

I learnt (via setting up) the scoring computers and TV displays, and spent a lot of time on Saturday on the score desk, as our ranking meant we where not in the semi’s. I also did some water referring, and some chef referee.

The party on Saturday night was a blast, and the clean-up went quickly. 100 pizza’s where ordered from Big Pizza’s, and that many pizza box’s stacked looks huge. Music was provided by Wolfman Entertainment, and he keep the mood buzzing and the dance floor packed.

The bruises haven’t all healed, but they are fading.