Fast and Furious WolfET Gaming

I’ve been playing on an Wolf ET server ( for the last few weeks, and it’s been a real hoot. The server is a etpub mod, tweaked with some cool things and most importantly XP save on, so the game play is quite fast.

Best features so far:

  • In Australia so the ping from NZ is good. In the last week I have noticed my pings go from 100ms to 60ms for most Australia servers, so Telstra must have done something.
  • People can do a double jump, which makes them sitting flying ducks. Not that I have learnt how to do it yet Done by hitting the jump key a second time when in the air, but it changes some maps quite dramatically.
  • knife attack kill really quick, this is good and bad as you can run past someone, and get killed easily, but also people run at you with a knife and kill you faster than you can with a gun, so it make for different game style. But I’m learning how to use the knife, so it is not so much of a minus.
  • They are using a large number of maps, which is good because I was getting bored of the same 5 maps the Orcon had on there server rotation.
  • They have an separate HTTP server setup so you can get the missing map, fast, unlike Orcon, that dribble them via the game server at 10KBs