Blink - Malcolm Gladwell

I was wondering the shelves at the library on Sunday, and spotted Blink. I’d heard good things about it, so grab the book, and started reading while Jacob played on the Playstations.

Well I finished the book Monday evening, and I loved it. I could read books like that forever, just because I find them so fascinating. I’m an “interesting titbits and did you know” kind of guy, and that is what the whole book is.

I was talking it up today with a co-worker, and we did a book swap (I had it with me so I could blog about it), and now I have The Design of Everyday Things to read, another book I have heard fascinating things about.

Did I mention that I think everybody should read Blink? Oh, no, well then do it now.

Woot, Malcolm also has a blog, subscribed