Deskbank File Format

After looking into the file formats for bank transactions the other day, I was wishing that Westpac had some form of public API to call. When it struck me that one of my own family works on the Westpac DeskBank support team.

So I emailed off asking for information. I got the reply that yes the file format was documented. But no public access was available.

In case anyone is looking at the file format and wanting to understand it better, the support team seem to give the document away, but it can also now be found here.



David 2008-03-07 11:56:20

Hi Simeon,

The information regarding the DeskBank File formats was very useful as the company I am dealing with is currently undergoing changes which affect areas including New Zealand banking. Thank you for having it online.

I am however querying your title of this discussion. DeskBank appears to have been misspelt as BeskBank. I’m not sure if this is on purpose but I would be surprised if it isn’t on purpose and nobody else has picked it up in over two years.

All the best,

Simeon 2008-03-07 12:02:25

Hello David,

First off I hope you check with Westpac for the latest version of that format specification. But that said, it should be historically correct. Therefore I am also pleased this came to be of use to someone.

Thank you for the spelling correction. Totally by mistake, a case of seeing what I expected, not what was.